Restrict the format of a column in a Excel Writer file


I have a naïve question about the possibility of Knime for an Ouput Excel File.
I would like to know if it possible that Knime, in a Excel published file, can restrict the format of a column to a date for exemple JJ/MM/YYYY.

Thank you !


Hi @MatOk , you will have to save the column as a String column rather than a Date column.

Build your values as JJ/MM/YYYY via String Manipulation and the Extract Date&Time Fields

Save these values in a String column, and then write to Excel.

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Okay thank you !
It’s clearer for me, I also wanted an empty column in the output Excel with only date format accepted, but I think this feature is only available on Excel directly.

Thank’s for the quick answer !


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You are most welcome @MatOk . Happy to help!

You should be able to do this with the help of python package OpenPyxl. But might require some setup.

Hi @MatOk,

To format Excel files created by KNIME, take a look at the continental XLS formating extension:
See for example this demonstration workflow:


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