Restricting the number of words displayed in Tag Cloud



I am analysing hundreds of documents and the Tag Cloud size is huge, causing trouble to the visualization and to the performance of the node as well.


Is it possible to set the Tag Cloud node or use another node connected to it in order to restrict the number of words displayed in Tag Cloud?


I tried to change the values in Tag Cloud ‘n of rows to display’, but it seems to act independently of the term frequencies. I mean, restricting this way the Tag Cloud can show just low frequency words. So, the idea is to restrict based, for instance, in the 50 or 100 higher frequency words.


Many thanks in advance,


Can you use the frequency filter node prior to the tag cloud?


Restricting the numer of rows will take the frist n rows. 

So either you previously filter, as Simon proposed, or you sort the table descendingly. However, if it is a bigger table previously filtering is definitely faster.


Hi Simon and Iris,

Many thanks for answers. The 'frequency filter' set to 'number of terms' worked great!



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