Retrieving .XLS file from the web and storing it locally


I am attemting to retrieve .xls files from the web, but I am unable to do so from the File Reader, XLS Reader and the Palladian's HttpRetriever node. 

However, if I copy the file myself locally and use the XLS reader it works just file. With the HttpRetriever node, I get the response as statusCode=200,size=314368 but not the actual .xls file itself.

Is there a need to specify HTTP entity input in the HttpRetriever node configuration? 

Can you please suggest options if any to do this or do I need to write a node of my own to achieve the same? 



Hello VS,

The File Reader and the XLS Reader can read from the web. Simply type the URL in the text field and done.

Remember the http:// prefix of URLs.

If you want to download from a storage service like Google Drive do not forget the privacy settings and change the link as follows:

The link you get from Google:

The link you need to download the file:


Thanks Ferry for your reply. I just tried and it doesnt seem to be working.

Following is the link I am trying to access -

I am behind a firewall but I have provided the proxy details correctly in Gereral -> Network Connections

Am I missing something else?



The problem is definitely not the XLS Reader, I can easily read the file here.

Honestly I have no idea about the network stuff, sorry. But maybe I'll find someone who has a solution.


Looks like it was a timeout issue.

I added the following line to the knime.ini file and its works just fine.