Return the more frequently availabe ''word'' in the columns


thanks for your reply and i have tried following excel formula and it doesnot work in math node.

This formula is used to return the more frequently availabe ''word'' in the columns (A1 to G1)


Can we do some kind of analysis in math node ?

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thanks aín advance



To return the most frequently used Word in a column you can use the GroupBy node (Data Manipulation/Row/Transform) and in the bottom half of the GroupBy Config box, select the column(s) you wish to find the most frequent word and choose Add, then in the Aggregation type next to the column choose "Mode".

This should be what you are after.


Hi simon,

thanks for your reply and i not looking for ''word'' is mostly occured in whole table. Node should look only first row and report most occured word, then it goes to sencond row check similary and report word. So at the final, New column should have most occured word in each rows.

I have 1000 rows (chemicals) and 5 columns (5-methods predictions). I like to have 6-th column with most occured word ('yes' or 'no') for each 1000 rows.

Best regards and i hope you have understood