reuse KNIME profject in another Java project in Eclipse


I have a existing KNIME project and want to reuse the logic in a Java project in a recent Eclipse version.

At there is a SDK with an old Eclipse Indigo (3.7.2). If I start it, I can only create a KNIME workflow and  
-- I cannot import an existing KNIME workflow and
-- I cannot combine a normal Java project and a KNIME project.

Is there a documentation that I missed or is it not possible?

I know that I could start KNIME with a project per commandline. Would that be the only solution to use the KNIME logic?

Hi Spider,

to get KNIME Workflows running in non-KNIME standalone applications is a bit tricky. In general you have two options:

(a) Start KNIME via Command-Line from the external tool and pass the workflow  you want to execute plus some pointers on the data you want to process.

(b) Start-up OSGi + KNIME from your external tool and run KNIME there. If this works, you face another problem: How to get your data into the KNIME workflow? This is not that easy, as you have to establish a communication between the OSGi (KNIME) and your other, external tool.

So the quick and easy solution would be (a). For (b) there exists a prototype at By far this prototype is not stable and there is not really data passed to the workflow, yet. But this may serve as an example for your implementation.







Hi,as for me, I am testing the related Java project in Eclipse these days. Do you have any ideas about it? Or any good suggestion? I am totally a green hand on Java program. Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.