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I am looking for a way to combine duplicate dates in a column (same dates that i only want presented once), but where other attributes and values are combined aswell! Anyone who understand and can help?

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If I got you right you should use GroupBy node. Grouping column should be your date column and your aggregation methods should be what suits your logic best :wink:

Try it out and if any questions feel free to ask.


Hello Ivan,

Thank you for the reply, You were right about the GroupBy node - after a hour or two I managed to configure it in the right way and have now completed my RFM analysis using K-means!

I am also interested in trying to forecast the sales taking point of departure in my training set (data from sales/orders in 2017-2018) and testing it on sales/orders in my testset (2019, up until may) - Would you perhaps know a visual knime workflow that could guide me in the right direction?

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Hi Rasmus,

Glad you made it!

KNIME offers a lot of workflow examples on EXAMPLES Server so I would start my investigation from there. For example 04_Analytics and 50_Applications folders have some nice workflows for prediction. What you can find useful is KNIME Hub. It is a place to search and explore KNIME nodes and workflows from above mentioned Server. Also all workflows are available from KNIME Explorer.


Hope it helps.


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