RGB Pixel by Class data row to Image


Am looking for help with making and view images from a table of rows with pixels that have been classed with RGB colour. My workflow below. I can’t seem to get a coloured image view of appropriate dimensions. Just 3 black and white highly pixelated images.
I also get the following warnings which I assume is due to dimensions. The pixels were cut out from a portion of another image using a shape file.

  • Data Row to Image - The collection of values doesn’t fit into the result image for some rows.

The other error that I get when I GroupBy is:

  • Skipped groups(s): A cause: “Group contains too many values”

Can anyone help?



KNIME_project.knwf (12.0 KB)
PixelsByRGB.xlsx (434.6 KB)

Hello @almandine,

can you maybe share, what image you would expect? Is also the dimension in the Data Row to image node correct? I think this is the reason, why you are getting this warning for the Data Row to Image node. the dimension of the image is not fitting to the number of rows that you have.
Regarding the error for the Groupby node: I can’t reproduce that error. What configurations did you have?

Kind regards,

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