Risk Calculator

I would like to give my users a webform that they can input certain numerical parameter to calculate risk score and once they enter all the fields and click submit, the risk score appears in the form…

I have the risk calculation in a SQL script format. I was wondering how can i replicate that in knime

You’ll nee some input/Widgets nodes, depends on input parameters and Table Selector and DB Reader pare. Depends on your DB corresponding connector.

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how can i link my webpage form with KNIME…

I am assuming that input data will flow from the online webpage to KNIME ( how? ) then i will connect the workflow to the SQL script, and script will return a value, how will i populate the value back to the webpage.

KNIME is not a real time product. Someone already asked for close functionality. You can search forum for the answer.

Although I am not an expert with web systems the KNIME server should offer such functions.

You would have to combine it with your database and your website.


You might be able to set something up on a platform like AWS.

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