ROSE sampling in R please it very important

Hi everbody,

i want to use ROSE imbalanced technique. But i dont know how can i implement in Knime?

@UgurErcan you could take a look at this example (as well as at the additional links there):

Information about KNINE and R can be found here:


@mlauber71 you are perfect. Thanks for everthing. i try it. good job.

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@mlauber71 please write your e-mail adress., instagram: drugurercan. i want to talk to you if it is possible to you. Thanks man.

@mlauber71 is it possible to implement RACOG and ADASampling in Knime

@mlauber71 i have a question. in R Snippet node, a feature must be double i have lots of integer. So that when i insert integer features Rsnippet doesnt work. how can i pass this? Best regards.

@UgurErcan you can use the Math Formula or Math Formula (Multi Column) node to convert Integer to Double:

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Thank you @mlauber71 I solved this problem. But I have another question. Is it possible to implement RACOG and ADASampling in Knime? How I do it?

@UgurErcan easiest way might be to use a working R (or Python) example and combine this with your data in KNIME.

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