Round Robin Logic

Dear Experts,

I'm looking to implement a round robin logic in Knime but I just don't know how achieve this with Knime and looking for some helps.  The scenario is, I have two data sets "Leads" and "Users Assigned to Countries".  Base on the match on country, this logic should loop through the "Users Assigned to Countries" table and assign the owner on the leads table.


Is it possible to create this round robin logic in Knime?  Appreciate the helps.



Lead Id Country Owner
L1 Canada John
L2 Canada Jake
L3 Canada John


Note: Owners came from "Users Assigned to Countries" below.


Users Assigned to Countries
User Country
John Canada
Jake Canada


You can probably use the Rule Engine with Math Formula and apply modular arithmetic and partition the column into the parts that equals the number of unique users. So, suppose you have 3 users. Then,

Row 0 MOD 3 = 0

Row 1 MOD 3 = 1

Row 2 MOD 3 = 2

Row 3 MOD 3 = 0


So, all 0's go to User 1, 1's go to User 2, and 2's go to User 3.