Rounding Error Interval Loop Start Node


For your Information, i found out that the intervall loop start node did have rounding problems. In my simple case this messed up the following partitioner node, which used the interval value for a percentage split.

Here is the result this loop creates.
(“right click” column header -> full precision)

best regards

Hi @ralph,

Thank you for reporting this issue. It seems to be a bug and unintended. We will have a look into it!

Did you already find a workaround? You could use the Math Formula (Variable) node to round the values. Following expression might work for your use case:

round($${Dloop_value}$$ * 10) / 10




Hi Simon,

thank you for the responds and that workaround.
In my small case i have created a table with that values which i wanted. (0.1 to 0.9)

best regards

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