Row display problem

Hello to all,

I have a problem. I am trying to set up a system to automate the display of a line with a specific value. I can do it. But I can’t get the other lines to display if the specific value is not present.
I am trying to do if f is present display the line otherwise display the other lines.
I am looking for the F value in the table

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks in advance,


Hello @Chris_88
As I’m reading your challenge, it sound like a job for IF Switch or Empty Table Switch node and then concatenate with an End IF node.

you can start with a ‘Rule-based Row Splitter’ node and connect the F case output port to the Empty Table Switch…

This is an empty sketch of the idea:

Let us know if further help is needed.



Hi BR,
Thank you very much!
That’s exactly it!
Best regards,


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