Row filter by value 0

Hi everyone,


i have an Integerger Column, i would like to filter the value 0, row filter shows : Node created an empty data Table.

Hi @PXP_Mo,

The Row Filter Node should be the right node to use in this situation.
In the Row Filter Node config, ensure that you have the correct column selected under “Column to test”.
To filter for rows with the value 0, you can click “Include rows by attribute value” and either use the “pattern matching” field set to 0, or the “range checking” fields with lower and upper bounds set to 0.

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Hello @PXP_Mo

This message means that there isn’t any ‘0’ value in the targeted data column.

Could you please share some more info about the type of filter you are using, or a snapshot of your filter node config and syntax (you can cover any confidential information as column names…) ?; otherwise reproducing the error with mock data would be suitable as well.



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