Row filter (different formats)

Hi Knimer,

I have a table with serialno. and I want to filter all no. with a different format.

E.g. it shall filter all no. if they dont have the format of 111111/2/3333.
In the picture e.g. all rows with “#” and ‘NA’ and 896, or 2122 etc. shall be filtered.

I appreciate your help. Thank you in advance.

Br Alex

Hi @Alex1990

with a Rule Based Row Filter with $Serienummer$ LIKE "/" => TRUE you filter everything with forward slashes.



HI there @Alex1990,

as @HansS suggested you can use Rule-based Row Filter node with function/operator LIKE. To better define your format you can use wildcards - ? and *. So you can have following expressions depending on what you want to filter:

… LIKE "*/*/*"
… LIKE "??????/?/????"

Also you can use regex if you are familiar with it :wink:



In Addition to Rule-based Row Filter suggested by @HansS and @ipazin, The Row Filter node with this regex pattern does the same job:


You can specify the exact number of digits if it is necessary. E.g:




First of all Thank you @armingrudd, @HansS, @ipazin

I tried everything and I prefer the LIKE code with ???/?/??? because it specifies all criteria I need :slight_smile:

@armingrudd the criteria in your screenshot is working well, but the code \d{6}/\d{1}/\d{4} is not working in my case, afterwards it filters all datas

Neverthless, the Rule-based row filter is everything what I want. Thank you :slight_smile:


Sounds great you could find your solution here in forum.

Would you provide a screenshot of your input data?
I tested both patterns on your examples and it worked fine.


I tried it again, and it works well, I guess I choose the wrong column to test, in the first time

Thank you :slight_smile:

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