Row Filter does take Variable wrong

I have a table and I want to filter in all rows whit the same value in a column as the value in the first cell. (This is gonig in a loop later.)

I filter out the Row and the column I need and put it gave it to a Table Row to Variable Node which send the Variable to a Row Splitter which takes the originally Table. But somehow the Row Splitter only creats a empty Tabel.

It works if I put in the pattern by hand or put it in whit a Tabel creator. But somehow it does not if I gife it theVariable I wont it to filter whit. The Node must take the variabel as diffrent than the data in the cell, but why?

Can someone help me?



I include pictures of the Workflow:

Hi suppe,

I would use the Numeric Row Splitter node and set both bounds to your flow variable.

Best, Iris

I tryed it it semms to work. I still dont understand why it is not working whit the Row Splitter Node.

Thx you helped me a lot. Not just here but in my other topics as well.