Row Filter how to filter values different ?



I have a column file called count_buyId. This column has integer values or unkown values. In the file reader table these  unknown values are character ?.

I want to filer the rows with only count_buyId different values of ?

I try to use row filter

But I dont't know how to configure row filter to exclude rows with values ?.

I attach a image configuration row filter

Thanks in advance


Carlota Vina






Hi Carlota,

when displaying a data table, KNIME uses the symbol ? to visually indicate missing values, but actually the cell is empty and for this reason it will not match against the string "?".

To make things even more complicated, the Row Filter node can use wildcards in matching patterns. The ? wildcard, not to be confused with the missing value ? and with the string "?", can match any character, but it will not match an empty cell because.... well, it is empty!

To make a long story short, to filter out rows with missing values you have to select on the left pane the "Exclude rows by attribute value" option like you did and in the right pane select the last option "only missing values match". In this way the rows containing a missing value in your count_buyID column will be excluded and the others will go through the filter.