Row filter labs using Flow variable

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I need to filter data based on 3 conditions (Lets say Customer = A & Product =x & Quantity = 1)and i want to use row filter labs

By using flow variable tab

Input data:

customer Product quantity Price
A x 1 500
A x 2 200
A x 1 400
B y 2 600
A y 2 400

Expected Output:

customer Product quantity Price
A x 1 500
A x 1 400

Hi @ScottF,

Could you please help me out with this

Thank you.

Hello @chandrika_99,

is there any particular reason why do you want to use Row Filter from Labs for this task? Personally would use Rule-based Row Filter node where flow variables are can be assigned without need to dive into Flow Variables tab. If you insist to use Row Filter (Labs) node assign your flow variables to values under operation under each condition.



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