Row Filter should update the domain information?

Currently (KNIME 2.1.1) it seems that the row filter (for example Row Filter, Row Splitter) nodes do not update the domain information, not even for the filtered column.

Is there a plan to change this behaviour, or we always have to use the Domain Calculator to fix that information?
Thanks, gabor

Hi Gabor,

This is by design. We want to leave the domain information intact unless the user wants to change it (using the Domain Calculator). There is no requirement that the values of the domain are necessarily present in the data. The only requirements are: There are no more values than possible values listed in the domain and there are no values smaller than the min or larger than the max, resp.


Thanks Bernd, I did not know this.
I think I should not depend so much on the information available in the domains. I will recompute the domain when I would like to use it (and always return null; in the configure method when that information would be used to create columns).