Row filter Spec sheet not showing filtered lower and upper bounds


I have a file reader node, followed by a row filter node.

the file read node has a YYYYWW integer value for the week number (eg. 201422)

I have the row filter set up using variables for configuring the upper (201420) and lower bound (201418)

my filtered output correctly filters the values

however when inspecting the Lower Bound and Upper Bound fields on the Spec sheet it shows the original range (201418 & 201422). 

Am I misniterpreting the spec sheet (is this for the input  and not for the output?) or is this  a bug?




After filtering a data table, you can update the possible values list and the min/max values with help of the Domain Calculator node.


None of the filterring nodes adjust the domain. This is deliberate because e.g. view nodes are then able to show the remaining data points still in the original "space".