Row Filter/splitter Switch? Don't like chaining row splitters like if statements


Searching for this topic yielded no relevant results so I'm posting this query...


Is there a node that exists which say, is like a row splitter that has more than two output ports (not just pass and fail), analagous to a switch statement?  The nearest thing I'm aware of are the END CASE and SWITCH things in the flow control section, but they rely specifically on flow variables rather than column-based conditions...  and I'm overusing flow variables in my workflow as it is!


So such a thing would be real handy for me.  Sort of like the opposite of the concatenate (Optional in) node, except that you define what sort of output conditions you want.


Thanks in advance,


Hi Ed. 

Unofrtunately, there is nothing like that in KNIME, but I wonder if you could sccomplish your task in a loop instead of having to cascade row splitters?  For example, if you want to "split" a data bym all of the unique values in a column or columns, you can oftern times simply iterate over those columns using a group loop start node.  

Does this help?