Row filter with Regex

Hey guys,

So I’m getting an empty data table back when using row filter and correct regex expression (checked it on regex101 and it works in there) + setting including row by attribute value.

I want to keep only rows which contain data sets of String “event2022” or “digital-event”. Doesn’t matter what is written before and after.

I use this regex:

What am I missing here? :frowning:

@ChrisYoung maybe the strings are terminated by a space, which is not considered a word boundary. In that case you should modify your regex

(digital-event|event2022)(\b| )

EDIT: if there’s something else after or before the pattern, you must add “.*” like here:

.*(digital-event|event2022)(\b| ).*

But the node has indeed a weird behavior. Suppose I have two strings
(a) “event2022”
(b) "event2022 "
The “Row filter” node accepts the regex (digital-event|event2022)\b, which matches only the first string, but rejects (digital-event|event2022)[\b ]:
The pattern (digital-event|event2022)[\\b ] is considered correct, but it matches only the string (b).
The only pattern that matches both strings is (digital-event|event2022)(\b| )


It works now (especially in regard of using “.*”).

Thank you a lot duristef! :slight_smile:

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