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Hello everyone,

I hope I can explain my current issue in a comprehensible way. It is about filtering rows which have lower values than 5. In my screenshot you can see that I only want to keep the rows which are above 5 and all that are lower than 5 should be filtered out. I am aware that I could filter the rows out with the row splitter node, but this doesn’t solve my problem because I have a loop workflow here so I need to make a general rule which suits for my other files and not only for this one.

I hope someone can help me. Thank you all!


I don’t quite understand what you want to do but I hope these give you an idea

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Hello @Jutta1971,

you would like to remove(filter) a row in case all values in row are lower than 5 or is it sufficient for only one value in row to be lower than 5?



Hello, I would only like to remove the rows where all values are under 5.

Hi @Jutta1971,

in that case use Column Aggregator to look for maximum in all columns (make sure to leave excluded columns list empty and check option Enfore exlusion to make sure to look for maximum in all columns even when columns name change). Then you can either use Row Filter or Rule-based Row Filter to remove rows where maximum is less than 5.



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