Row filter

Hi all,

I am new to knime and would like to ask a few questions with regards to the row filter.

Is there any way to create a loop that the row filter will exlcude row number by -1?

Like this:

1st time: exlcude row 1
2nd time: exclude row 1 to 2
3rd time: exlcude row 1 to 3

Thank you very much!

Sure, I did the opposite recently. In the Row Filter, I used the currentIteration value as the end of the range and as I remember it worked just as you described.

I donot think row filter can work in such fashion.

aborg : - Can you please specify the configuration options clearly ?

Probably I misunderstood the requirements, but I have attached what I meant as a KNIME workflow.

Cheers, gabor