Row filters (LAB) and pattern box ...

Dear Krimers, I do not know is it bug or not or I am doing something wrong, but I find that, when I use row filters, it is almost impossible to reach the end of pattern box when a specific filtered column have more characters (more than 255?) as you can see on a picture below …and unfortunatelly it is also imposible to write desired pattern in pattern box …
Thanks in advance

I have to be more precise: “String Matching Criteria” and his option checkbox is not reachable in my case …

Hi @ssimara,

I have tried to reproduce your issue with a string column of huge size (350 characters) on KNIME Analytics Platform 4.6.1 and wasn’t able to.

Therefore let’s try a more general approach to solve this for you:
Sometimes dialogues are not shown properly if the window is too small to cover the contents (could be related to the screen size and resolution). Often it helps to maximize the dialogue to be shown in fullscreen (via the symbol on the upper right).


Hi MichaelRespondek and thanks for your response - I test with same string column size (350 characters) and I have exactly the same result.
My monitor specification: 1920X1080 resolution on 23,6"
I’m using KNIME Analytic Platform 4.6.1. on Windows 10.
Below is screenshot of issue when I maximize window.
[It looks to me like kind of fit to window issue?]

In addition: I notice long ago same behavior with REST web services nodes like GET requests node for example and his URL dropdown column (if url string it happened to be too long) …

I tried it again using the mentioned resolution, OS and Knime Analytics Platform version. The dialogue is shown without any issues.
Could it be that you have activated a system-wide scaling factor on the Windows Display settings? I tried this as well and for me it worked as well, but this setting is known to cause issues in user interfaces.


Thank you again for response … no, this is not the case on 23.6" monitor but I have 125% scale on another 27" monitor I use in my work with same issue.

I do not know if this notice have anything about but my process knime.exe, when I look at property of DPI Awareness is set to: Per-Monitor Aware.
Also, I have scaling settings set on 100% in Windows Display Settings, and in advance tab: Fix scaling for apps is set to: off
Below is picture of my windows Compatibility tab.
[this is case for monitor 23.6"]
[Maybe you can share you settings, so I can be sure that we have same environment?]

Hi again, so you are saying that system scaling couse a node display error? At my workplace I have to different machines, two different monitors and on both there is Windows 10 installed with no scaling at all - but on both I have a same problem … I ask you earlier if you can share your configuration? (I mean, I sent to you mine already), if is posible …

Hi @ssimara,

I checked the settings of my Windows 10 and have neither the “Disabel fullscreen optimization”, the “Program DPI” option ("Use this setting…) nor “High DPI scaling override” activated, all of them are deactivated per default on my machine. And it works with these settings well on my side.


Hi Michael, I tried to replicate those same settings you mentioned earlier, but no luck again … hmmm, I’m probably one of the winners in that group of special cases you mention in first post and it happens on both my machines … so I left with no explanation, and I don’t know what to do next (I can solve this problem, but this is a little bit of annoying kind of issue)
[Just in case if I did not mention earlier: this issue happens only with my REST nodes and Row filter nodes, as far as I know …]
Thanks Michael again

Oh, correction: …this issue happens only with my REST nodes and Row filter (Labs) - not with Row Filter, it work fine! …

Hi Michael, I hope this will be my final question and I don’t want to bother you again but: is this kind of strange situation?, I mean, we have two nodes with almost same functionalities: Row Filter and Row Filter (Labs) and when I use a same functionality on both of them applying filter by pattern than they display result have different visual behavior? Is this willy, as you mention in earlier post, only kind of unexpectable reaction which lays on specific user configuration or is it something else?

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