row in Date



i am a KNIME newbie, so my question will easy :)

I have a row (string)  like 1 2 3 4 5 and i would like to change that into the format DateTime

is there a way to change it? i only see options for colums, not for rows...





this is not how KNIME Works, you don't want to have a column with different cell types in one column. A column should always have one unique cell type.

The best way in your situation is, to use a Transpose node, than you afterwards have a column containing you strings.

Best regards, Iris 

Thank you so much!

and after that i have build a dictonary, to get for instance: for 1 ->January right?

well.. thats my approach, but it is not working :)

This method, is for convert this row for example:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Try use “Transpose” node to convert the row to column:


Then, use “String to date/time”:
In this node, in Date format, write “M”, no “m”

Then, use “Date Field Extractor” node:
Select ONLY month, and format “text”

1 | January
2 | February
3 | March
4 | April