Row Resorter


Please can we have a Row Resorter node (in the same style as the Column Resorter node). It is sometimes necessary to manually put rows in a specific order (obviously when you are not dealing with hundreds of rows) and this usually cannot be achieved with the Sorter node where you are restricted to ascending/descending.

I would hope it wouldnt be too tricky to build this based on the Column Resorter node :-)



Hi Simon,

I am not sure this can be achieve with the current KNIME concept. Since each node only sees the data (rows) at execution time, there is no user interaction possible at this point. One would need some kind of interactive mode in order to resort the rows, that is currently not implemented. As a simple workaround when working only with a few rows, you might want to transpose the table, use the Column Resorter and turn it back.

Regards, Thomas