Row to variable loop and string replace


I am trying to use row to variable loop with string replace to replace a set of characters with their equivalent HTML codes.

have two tables: 

one has a list of characters and their equivalent html code (i.e . &20 for space) in two coloumns

the other has a list of strings

I want to replace all special characters in the strings with their html equivalent code.

I am strugling with getting the loop to use the result from the previous iteration in the new one. each iteration resets the input and replace the current character only without saving previous change. how can I get the loop to apply the replacement recursively.

In my final test I tried to use table write and read and it works like this but is there  a cleaner way to implement this?



I think you are looking for Recursive Loop Start and Recursive Loop End. (Or their two ports version.) To make the rows to flow variables, you can use the TableRow to Variable. I think these are new in 2.9.

I tried setting up the recursive loop as I would a simple loop but the table row to variable presented the first row value (as per spec) and did not progress with the recursive loop. Am I connecting the nodes inccorectly ? I attached the workflow. 

Hi Fadibassil

this is exactly what we presented at the UGM :)

I will attach my UGM workflow your problem is that you feed back too much.

The video explanation is here (starts around minute 52)

Cheers, Iris

I am learning html code but I am afraid of it. Many times I have spoiled my projects. I hope I think the loop test might help me out.

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Thank you for the links and for the explenation, great work. I wouldn't have figured it out!