RowID -> Transpose (ensured uniqueness in RowID but duplicates still detected by Tranpose)

I'm trying to use the first row of an output table as the column headers.

I came across a forum suggestion to Transpose >> (Filter) >> Row ID >> Transpose. I tried it but experienced an error in the 2nd transpose.

In the RowID node, I checked the option to "ensure uniqueness"; yet when I transpose it back, the 2nd transpose node still detects a duplicate name which should not be the case if the previous node already ensured uniqueness.

I know that the problem is in one of the values with an extra <space>. Still, the "ensure uniqueness" option should have handled that.

Attached is a sample workflow of the 2nd half of the process.

Hi Marcellus,

Many thanks for pointing this out to us, this is indeed undesirable behavior.

I have opened an enhancement request that should add an option to strip whitespace in the RowID node.



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In the mean time, I already placed a String Manipulation node ahead of the RowID node. Thanks for the prompt enhancement request.