ROWINDEX discrepancy

Dear KNIME community/producers,

I use a Rule Engine node to write all row indices into a new column. Afterwards, I use the Rule-based Row Filter to extract the row with rowindex 4 - this row contains rowindex 3 according to the Rule Engine node (see attached workflow).
Am I misinterpreting something or is this a bug?

one excited KNIME user

Row_index_issue.knwf (8.9 KB)

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Hello @soffenbach,

it’s a known discrepancy (Internal reference: AP-13692). Have noted your request there. When there is news someone will update this topic. Is it a big deal in your flows?



Hi Ivan,
It´s not a big deal, I just use a Counter node instead. Thank´s for the info that it is in fact a small error so I can avoid it… and good to know that you are working on it :+1:
Kind regards,

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