rprop mlp node


i manage to get some good accuracy result for regression neural network using the RPROP mlp node .

however when i try to transfer the configuration to DL4J (as i needed more configuration details) , the accuracy seem to fall off drastically and i am at lost what parameter am i overlooking


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It is quiet challenging to give you a correct answer at his point. Could you please give us more detail about your model, your configurations etc. It would be better if you could share with us your workflow / dataset (without any sensitive data).

Please check this post it seems pretty similar to your problem perhaps it will be useful for you:

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sorry for the late reply , got flooded with work recently

the input is 40 numerical variable to predict a final numerical variable

the configuration for the
rprop is
2 layer and 40 neuron
train : test : validate - 7:2:1
data set ~ 130 data point
iteration 300

for the dl4j configuraiton i tried
iteration 1
epoch : 100
batch : 100
updater SGD
optimizer SGD

the generic rprop mlp was actually situable for my problem but i got asked in detail why the configuration was chosen (Activation function) , which i cant answer , which is why i testing with dl4j


P.S : will upload the workflow when i am free

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