Rss Feed Reader and FeedParser

Hello everyone, for a university project I started to approach knime but I’m still struggling a lot. I have to create a workflow related to rss feed with a climate change topic. I managed to make everything work (based on the workflow examples) the problem is that everything works only with a redundancy of initial nodes that I can’t explain myself and I can’t motivate my professor.
I used the TABLE CREATOR node by inserting two internet sites from which I took the feeds and then these nodes in this order but I don’t really know why and if it is correct to use them:
-RSS Feed Reader
-Strings to Document
-Column Filter
-Markup Tag Filter

It’s correct? Is it not wrong to use both the http and the two feeds?

Sorry and thanks in advance for the support.

My project is this one:

So it looks like you started out by using this workflow from the Hub, correct?*dm0-c97PFOyllWyR

I’m not sure offhand why you are using the HttpRetriever, FeedParser, and Strings to Document nodes in the initial read, since the RSS Feed Reader can generate documents itself. In theory, those 3 nodes shouldn’t be needed, but I’m guessing you ran into some trouble with the original workflow configuration - and that’s why you used the additional nodes?