Rule 2D View


I am wondering how to create this type of interactive plot. I found it on a website with other plots that are doable in KNIME, but I am unable to figure this one out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello @mpepper ,

wow, that is an old post. The node you are looking for is not supported anymore. It is still there, if you want to give it a try anyway: Rule2DPlotter (deprecated) – KNIME Community Hub .
Is there a specific problem that you try to solve, or are you β€œonly” trying to follow along that post?

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Thank you! I am trying to specifically make a plot similar to that one. I am looking at a lot of chemical datasets and want to see how much they all overlap.

In that case, coding may be the only option, using Python View – KNIME Community Hub or Generic JavaScript View (JavaScript) – KNIME Community Hub .


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