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I am comparing two spreadsheets. I need to compare changes in location between people.

Each individual on the spreadsheets has a unique identifier.

I have loaded each into an excel reader. I then used a joiner node to join sheets.

I used the unique identifier as the join key. Top input left table = unique identifier. Top input right table = unique identifier.

Matched rows to create inner join.

Output options = spilt join result.

I am trying to use the rule engine node to create a rule that creates a new column based on checking differences between a change in job location. I would like a new column to be created confirming a true or false value.

That way I can confirm the change in location if there is one for each person.

Can anyone please help with the syntax ?

So far I have : $Job Location$ MATCHES $Job Location$ => FALSE .

However it’s not showing the correct results as I know already which people have changed location.

I just need the formula to work.


Hi @jasonk2022

And what if you use the “=” sign instead of “MATCHES” ?

In your rule you use the same column: Job Location twice …

$Job Location$ = $Job Location$ => FALSE

gr. Hans

Thanks Hans

Could I replace the job location with $Name$ if wanted to compare new and old employees between 2 sheets ?

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Hi @jasonk2022

Diffecult to say, without knowing your data or workflow. If you are able to upload a worrkflow with some (dummy) data, it makes it easier for the community to answer your question,
gr. Hans

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Let me see if I can do that for you

Hello @jasonk2022

Aiming to compare two data frames I would compare them by Joiner (Full outer) node. But as @HansS mentioned, it would help to see your data structure.


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MATCHES is the for Regex comparison as far as i can remember right now
I think as @HansS pointed out “=” is better option

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