Rule-based Row Filter - Foretime

I am new to knime and can’t find the answer to my question.
I have a Table including Dates. I want to delete or put missing in those rows, where the date is already in foretime.

Can anybody help me?


Hello @JoshuaBoth ,
Welcome to the KNIME Community!

Could you please share how your data looks, or if the data is confidential, could you please share a dummy data file? This will help us better understand the problem.


This is how the data would look like for example. The red marked dates should be deleted or marked or showed as missing.

Hi @JoshuaBoth

When you read your data into KNIME, make sure your column Install Termin Plan is read in as a Date. If not use the String to Date&Time node. Once the format of this column is a Date, you can use the Date&Time-based Row Filter node (use execution date & time).

gr. Hans


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