Rule-based Row Filter Integer Column via Flow Variable

I have a list of 15+ million lines of integer values. I need to filter this list via a Rule-based Row Filter and I was doing this manually by using the IN function:

$Sucursal ID$ IN (205603,207642) => TRUE

The thing is that there are now 60 dynamically changing integers I have to filter out now, so I thought of loading these integers into an Excel File to easily manage them, load them up, use a GroupBy node to concatenate them (as a String line) and load them up with a Table Row to Variable in order to use it within the Rule Based Filter to look something like this:

$Sucursal ID$ IN $${SSucursal ID}$$ => TRUE

This brings back an error "Expected a column reference", so I tried

$Sucursal ID$ IN ($${SSucursal ID}$$) => TRUE

But that just doesn't filter the Integer list

Any ideas? I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!

Hi Audinac,

Could you please share a sample workflow in order to have an idea about the issue?

Thanks a lot,