Rule Based Row Filter is returning empty table when the condition is handled by a variable

I have a table which is having string values which is to be selected via a Value Selection Widget and to parse it as a variable to a Rule Based Row Filter to be included as a value in the condition, but the Row Filter is returning a Empty Table.

Value Selection Widget is returning “May” and the Rule Based Row Filter is having a condition $Month$ LIKE “$${Svalue selection}$$*”=> TRUE but the execution is returning Empty Table even though the Rule Based Filter input data is having data for the month of “May”.

Any clue what went wrong in this scenario? Thanks

Hi @gokulpnair,

can you provide sample data and expected output. If you can , you can also share your workflow.


Hello @gokulpnair,

I Have solved the problem, check the below workflow

Vizualization.knwf (1.8 KB)


If you need more assistance, please let me know.


Thanks for solving this @yogesh_nawale .
The workflow is empty, can you resend it please? Else can you explain the solution behind this? Thanks

Hey @gokulpnair,

Sorry for that, i just exported it before saving.

Here is the workflow
Vizualization.knwf (81.5 KB)

The error in your workflow may be due to this
$Month$ LIKE “$${Svalue selection}$$*”=> TRUE
as you have made it in double quotes it considers it as string.


Hey @gokulpnair,

Here’s one more way, if you want to match patten i.e. your Selected values are not exactly matching with the values in input table use this

Vizualization1.knwf (83.4 KB)

This should solve your problem.



KNIME_project.knwf (11.1 KB)
@yogesh_nawale this is the sample workflow i was refering to.

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