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I would appreciate if there is a sample workflow for my questions.

1- works case sensitive. But I don’t want him to be sensitive. how can i solve this problem.

2- i wanted to add filter words with a table but it didn’t work. Where is the error?
I tried two different methods but could not.

Use lower/upperCase functions to adjust strings on bot side of the equations.


Hi; can you send a sample

it should not be case sensitive. Otherwise, I cannot do what I want to do correctly. For correct parsing of filter words. It would not be a logical solution for me to have the filter words all capitalized or to convert the filtered data to upper or lower case in the same way, because I tried it.

To summarize what I want to do;

  1. Since I need to disable upper or lower case detection and add word list for +500 filter, I have to add it with a table.

— * 3 I’ve tried many different methods, this is the most consistent method.

What exactly does not work with izaychik63 idea? If you use a string manipulation (node or variable) upfront and then do your rule engine check based on that. Maybe I do not fully understand the issue.

Hi; @Daniel_Weikert
The solution I want to explain with a simple drawing and reach. the data file is excel, the word list to be used for the filter is excel. filtered words should work without capitalization or lowercase issue.

–filter words should not work with partial matches within the text. I have encountered this problem in many examples. for example train and training (if the filter word is train, trainin should not be taken.)

“If the filter word is train, trainin should not be taken.)”
Then you should not use a rule egine with LIKE rather MATCHES not?

Can you post a simple workflow that runs the model in the sample picture I sent. I tried so many different methods at one point and got stuck. Good example to learn.

regex_filter_dictionary.knwf (299.1 KB)


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