Rule Based Row Filtred - Urgent

Hi guys, how are you?

I need a mega help, I would like to use this node, to perform several filters.

Basically in the same column, I have several criteria that need to be filtered (pulled out)
from my final list, they are Missing, “,”, “.”,“A”. For example these, how do I mount it?

The straightforward way would be several normal Row Filter Nodes in sequence.

For Rule-Based Row Filtering you can do this (include true matches):

MISSING $yourColumn$ => FALSE
$yourColumn$ = "," => FALSE
$yourColumn$ = "." => FALSE
$yourColumn$ = "A" => FALSE

This filters out rows with any of the values you mentioned. You can also chain the conditions:

MISSING $yourColumn$ OR $yourColumn$ = "," OR $yourColumn$ = "." OR $yourColumn$ = "A" => FALSE

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