Rule based Row Splitter question

Wanted to use the Rule-based row splitter but I must be doins something wrong.

I write in the simplest case

$My_integer$ < 10 => FALSE (or $my_double$)

and still *all* goes to FALSE, nothing ends up in TRUE. In the commented example of this node it also states in last line

True = > True

if I add this line (after), then the only difference is that despite the < 10 rule  everything ends up in true.

Anyone can see/guess what I am doing wrong?

What behaviour did you expect? The default without any rule is "FALSE". There adding just one rule with "=> FALSE" won't change anything. If you add an explicit default rule "TRUE => TRUE" then everything else except those rows matching the first rule goes to "TRUE". This is how it's supposed to work.

Well, that is what I did, two lines (sorry if my writing above was unclear):

LINE 1: bla-bla => FALSE


but only one output has any data (in this case the true, but nothing in false), it's not like the false ends up in false and the true in true.

(and yes, there are sufficient cases for both false and true in my data set, can be "verified" by removing LINE 2).

Or maybe the misunderstanding lies here: will there only be one output? For my usage to be useful, both outputs have to be generated (well, unless I do a logic operation of output with input table, alt, two times this node in parallel with opposit statements).