Rule Engine Auto Update

I have a workflow that creates a set of rules that can be used in the Rule Engine, i.e. by manually copy-pasting these rules. I want to know what node(s) can I use to auto-populate Rule Engine with the output of my workflow.

Hi @dheerajKNIME,

i think you are looking for the dictionary rule engine.
You can set the rules by a reference table :slight_smile:
Else i think you can set the normal rule engine also by a flow variable (i think - cannot check at the moment)


Hi there @dheerajKNIME,

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If I got you right you should control Rule Engine with flow variable in this case. So from your workflow output create flow variable type collection holding your rules and use it in Rule Engine.

Give it a try and if you need example drop me a message here and I’ll create one :wink:


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