Rule engine case insensitive match

Hi everyone,

I want to perform case insensitive MATCHES using the rule engine but I can’t get the regex case insensitive modifier to work (i).

I’m using something like /.isomer./ but i want it to match regardles of the case of any of the letters. I tried /.isomer./i and “/.isomer./i” but neither of them work.

Please help me!


Hi Heather,

I’m afraid you would have to lower- or upper-case your text placing a String Manipulation Node ahead of your Business Rule Node. One think I’m not clear about, Rule Engine Node can work with regular expressions?

Edit: WOW! I’ve got it. There’s MATCHES operator in it.

Regards, Jan

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Hi Jan

Thanks for your quick reply. I was thinking that I might have to convert to all one case before applying the rule but thought it was worth asking the forum first! Looks like its the way forward!

Haha yes MATCHES can be used with regex or LIKE for wildcard expressions :slight_smile:



Well, definitely KNIME would get able to understand regex modifiers the way e.g. JavaScript does just like @Heather mentioned. Now Business Rule node complains that expression /regex/i is invalid.

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