Rule Engine - Dictionary like vlookup


I have one column called "P_ShopPostalCode" and its equivalent coordinates "P_Coordinates". Then I have another column with some postal codes, "RP_ShopPostalCode_1". This column postal codes exists in the "P_ShopPostalCode" . BUT not always 1to1, for examples see line 2: in the beginning we had "45879" and then "45884".

I am trying to build a rule like that: Look on the values on " RP_ShopPostalCode_1" and when you find them on "P_ShopPostalCode"  then append a new column and put the equivalent coordinate from the "P_Coordinates".

Could you please, help me on how should efficiently do that?

I tried rule based, and cell splitter and didnt work.

The problem is that is not 1to1, so someone can not just simple do "P_ShopPostalCode" = "RP_ShopPostalCode_1" => "P_Coordinates"

Probably is some dictionary I need to use, but not sure which one.


Actually, I did it with a "cell replacer" node. Target "RP_ShopPostalCode_1", Input (lookup) "P_ShopPostalCode" and Output (replacement) "P_Coordinate"