Rule engine > function fails

When using Rule Engine to classify a value as "high" or "low" using:

$Sum (Statistic Features)$ <= "50,000" => "Low"
$Sum (Statistic Features)$ >  "50,000" => "High"


Values 100,000 and greater are listed as "Low". Values between 0 and 99,000 are classified correctly. Is this a bug or am I missing something

KNIME 3.3.0 on MacOS (beginner KNIME guy)



Why do you use "50,000" instead of 50000 ? It appears that you are testing strings, in which case "100000" will appear before "5", "50", etc. -> string-based sorting instead of number-based sorting.

Should the said column be available as string initially, convert it to number before applying Rule Engine. Else, simply write 50000 instead of "50,000" in the Rule Engine.