Rule engine => if Column contain sth. then write xy in new column

Hi together,

i need some urgent help with the node rule engine.

I want to check some Column if it contain values with “123” then knime should create a new column with “123”

I have used the node Rule engine in cobination with LIKE:

// $Column1$ LIKE “123” => “123”

and Option append column is activated
(“place marker123place marker”)

But in the createt Colum i have only missing values. Have somebody an idea? Hope you can help me thanks regards Chris.

Hi @Chris87

Use a wildcard-sign in your rule: $your_column$ LIKE 123 => TRUE

gr Hans

@HansS, Chris has already used the wildcard. It appears as italic text due to the asterisk, like your post.

@Chris87, this is weird. Can you share a sample of your dataset where 123 is contained?


Hi @nicks and @Chris87

See this wf KNIME_project2.knwf (16.6 KB): using an * works.


Thanks a lot for your help i have copy your code and now it is working :slight_smile: i dont know why but it works. Thanks to all have a nice day regards

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