Rule Engine Node - Second command is not executed

Hi everyone,
I have the dataset with the similar form as in the picture below. At the beginning I have only three column: Type, State1 and State2. I try to create the new column (State3) by using Rule Engine.


State3 will get value from State1 or State2 in case the value in State1/State2 is not Missing value. My expression is:
NOT $State1$ = “” => $State1$
NOT $State2$ = “” => $State2$

I could not find out why only the first row of expression can be executed. The results are showed, as State3 only recognizes non-missing values from State1.
Any help will be valuable to me. This is not the first time I work with Rule Engine, but its logic confuses me a lot. Is there any standard logic for this expression rule?
Thank you!

Sounds familiar. Have a look here:

– Philipp


@qqilihq thank you so much for the fast answer. It works perfectly!

I have one more question, should I understand TRUE => $columnB$ here as similar to ELSE?
In order to prevent other questions related to this node, can you suggest to me any link/document to understand the logic?
Thank you!!

Hi @vinhta1803,

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Yes. You can check node logic from node description itself. Node Description can be found in multiple places. For me it is easiest to check this in KNIME itself. When you select one node its description is seen in Description view. KNIME Hub can be used as well. Also this Forum is a pretty good place to find out how things work :slight_smile:

If any questions feel free to ask.


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Thank you @ipazin . Hope you have a nice day!

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