Rule engine or Math formula..?

The above picture formula
=if(B6>0, B6, 0) +B7+B5

= if(B6<0, B6, 0)

For inspiration :
test_formula.knwf (11.5 KB)

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if balance are positive must be reported as zero and if not need to subtraction with positive balance
ex;- 11,661,611.87 + 7,940,351.98 =19,601,963.9
=19,601,963 -1,170,126,545.91 =1,150,524,582.07

The post title is : rule engine or math formula ? You can obtain that with the “Column expressions” node as in the short example above : combination of a formula and an if then else structure. It doesn’t solve your problem but give you an hint how to write formulas in Knime in a excel like mode.

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Please provide the syntax for above in column expressions…

have you read @ScottF reply? Just kindly asking. :slightly_smiling_face:
Maybe you like also to provide what you have done so far. You can upload your workflow with demo data here in case you want to do that. That makes it easier for the community to help
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