Rule Engine Trouble

Hello all.

I am using the Rule engine node to set a rule for changing the values in a column if they contain a certain value.

That part is not giving me any trouble. However, once I run it the node is removing the values from all the other cells. Basically I need to know what rule to input to leave the other cells alone.
Example rules below:

$COMPANY$ = “WaLMart” => “WalMart”
TRUE => ???

You can either eliminate the TRUE line, or you can do


Basically, TRUE is a catchall bucket for “all the others values in my dataset I have not already provided a rule for.”


Hi there @watsonchris45,

from node description:

"If no rule matches, the outcome is a missing value."

meaning you need to have line:

TRUE => $your_column_name$

to avoid ending up with missing values :wink:



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