Rule Engine Variable using currentIteration

I’m having trouble understanding why the following doesn’t work in the Rule Engine Variable node:

$${IcurrentIteration}$$ = 0 => TRUE

It works fine if I pass the variable to the Rule Engine node.

Hi @George_Nicola,

What do you mean by “doesn’t work”? Do you get any errors? Would you please explain your issue further?


Hi @George_Nicola

if you specify the output as a string, within " " , it works
$${IcurrentIteration}$$ < 0 => “TRUE”

gr. Hans


I just got your point @George_Nicola.
Rule Engine Variable does not support Boolean. So as @HansS has suggested you can use string or integer values instead.

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@HansS, thanks for the workaround.

Is there a reason Rule Engine supports Boolean, but Rule Engine Variable does not?

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Hi @George_Nicola
If I make an educated guess I would say there is only one possible value for a flow variable; and Boolean suggests their are two values possible.

Hi there @George_Nicola,

flow variable type Boolean is new flow variable type and not available in every node. However ticket for these enhancements exists and will add +1 on it.



Thanks Ivan,

Please add another +1 from me for this node and also the Table Row To Variable Loop Start node as well. :wink:


Hi @armingrudd,

sure :wink:


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