Rule Engine with flow variable


I try to use a Rule Engine in a loop and I wonder if it works since I get the following warning: "This rule might never match."

This is my rule:

$${SNew_columns_1}$$ = 1  => $DCRD_VALUE$

                $${SNew_columns_1}$$    - is a flow variable containing the name of a column I want to test
                 $DCRD_VALUE$                 - is the value of a real column

Is it possible to achieve something like the above?

Thank you!

That warning is triggered because when you were configuring, the value of the flow variable was not 1, and there were no other conditions depending on the actual value of the column, so it could infer that in this case it is not satisfied. Although -that is the reason for the unsure "might"- in further iterations it can be true. (Though I would use "1" instead of 1, just to not start the next reader -which can be you ;)- think whether those can be equal or not.) So your will work when the value of the flow variable is 1.

Cheers, gabor

Thank you, Gabor. I casted to int and it works as expected.