Rule Engine

This one is more luke-warm encoding :wink: but here is a new component I’ve been playing with:


You give it a set of rules in a single table. I used Excel for this purpose as it was easier to edit. They use exact Rule Engine syntax, and I’ve copied and pasted from all of your rule engines:

The biggest limitation would be performance on very large data sets because of the amount of Column Appending it has to do, which can slow things down significantly, especially on a large number of columns, but for general use, it should work.

I would suggest editing rules in a regular Rule Engine to ensure they are syntactically correct and then copy/paste all together into an Excel spreadsheet to be read in by the workflow. They can of course be manually edited in a table editor (Table Creator ) or using a text editor and plain csv files, but I found Excel more convenient to use.

RULES using multi-column component.knwf (256.9 KB)